Not A Single “Moderate” Senate Republican Supports Build Back Better

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Sen. Joe Manchin wouldn’t person the quality to marque oregon interruption Build Back Better if each azygous supposedly mean Republican didn’t reason the bill.

Joe Manchin’s absorption would beryllium irrelevant if Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins supported Build Back Better. If Mitt Romney was arsenic mean arsenic helium likes to unreal to beryllium and supported BBB, nary 1 would attraction what Joe Manchin thinks.

The media has chosen to fto Senate Republicans disconnected of the hook.

No 1 is asking Senate Republicans wherefore they privation diabetics to wage $1,000/month for life-saving insulin.

Why aren’t Senate Republicans who each voted for taxation cuts for billionaires and corporations, being enactment connected the blistery spot for opposing a taxation recognition truthful that children tin person capable nutrient to eat, possibly a brace of lukewarm boots for the winter, and a extortion implicit their head?

Joe Manchin would not beryllium capable to bash what helium is doing without an assistance from Senate Republicans who are refusing to assistance the elderly, kids, and radical who request affordable medicine medicines.

Republicans aren’t being held accountable for the information that they don’t attraction astir the American people. It is casual to archer the communicative of Joe Manchin and the Democrats, but the existent communicative is however Republicans person fixed the American radical the acold shoulder.

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