New Mystery Gift Event For Pokémon Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl Now Live

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A caller Mystery Gift lawsuit for the latest Pokémon games, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP), is present live. 

This quality comes by mode of, which reported that the enigma acquisition lawsuit is present unrecorded for each players. Unfortunately, it doesn’t connection thing similar the shiny Zacia and Zamazenta precocious distributed via Mystery Gift successful Pokémon Sword and Shield. Instead of an existent Pokémon, this lawsuit is giving players immoderate statues for their secret bases. 

More specifically, the Mystery Gift code, MERRYCHR1STMAS, will springiness each players a jade-colored statue of Pacharisu, Lucario, Rhyperior, Electivire, and Glaceon. The smaller statues specified arsenic that of Pacharisu and Glaceon are rather cute, but if you’re looking for thing much intimidating for your base, the Rhyperior and Electivire statues person you covered. The Rhyperior statue, successful particular, is massive, lasting astir doubly arsenic gangly arsenic your subordinate character. 

Players person until December 25 to redeem this Mystery Gift besides points retired different Mystery Gift lawsuit that’s presently ongoing. From present until May 22, 2022, players tin participate the codification BDSPUNDERGROUND to get statues of Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup – the starters of BDSP. 

For much astir BDSP, cheque retired our thoughts connected it successful Game Informer’s Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl review and past cheque retired Game Informer’s database of the apical 25 Pokémon successful Diamond and Pearl. If you haven’t played these remakes oregon conscionable got started, cheque retired Game Informer’s six tips for each caller trainer successful the Sinnoh region.   


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