LIVE: Roosters 'burnt' by speedster's crazy try

3 months ago 32
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Cowboys young weapon Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow has yet again showcased his jaw-dropping speed, making the Roosters look pedestrian arsenic helium burnt past a slew of Trent Robinson's men en way to a spectacular effort successful Townsville.

Again, the Cowboys had Scott Drinkwater to convey for the setup, arsenic helium divided the Chooks enactment with a slaloming run.

Finding Tabuai-Fidow with the off-load, the youngster inactive had a tract of defenders successful beforehand of him. But it was thing his velocity couldn't negociate arsenic helium turned connected the jets to pain down the helping and the full Roosters' near edge.

"The Hammer sets sail to the corner, what a speedster helium is, helium burns the Roosters...blistering the turf," Caller Warren Smith said successful commentary for Fox Sports.

Former Sharks manager Shane Flanagan added: "Speed, speed, velocity you cant bushed him successful rugby league. You can't grip him, he's excessively quick."

Tabuai-Fidow's effort continues a spectacular commencement for the Cowboys against the Roosters, notching their 2nd effort successful a blistering commencement successful Townsville.

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