Ghost of Tsushima Movie Director Gives Update On The Film’s Status

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It mightiness beryllium a portion until we larn much astir the Ghost of Tsushima movie adaptation presently successful the works.

That’s due to the fact that manager Chad Stahelski, who’s possibly champion known for directing each 3 John Wick films (as good arsenic the upcoming 4th one, too), told IGN successful a caller interrogation that the squad down it wants to bash close by the game. To bash that, the squad is taking its time. 

“We conscionable privation to bash it right,” Stahelski said. “You cognize however video crippled adaptations tin go. So we’re taking our clip and doing it right. We’re moving precise intimately with crippled developers to marque definite we instrumentality to what’s large astir it.” 

IGN notes that Stahelski stated that a publication is inactive being developed for the movie. He besides said that fans of Ghost of Tsushima “would beryllium precise blessed with what we’re moving on,” noting that he’s played it “many times,” which is thing that initially drew him to the project.

When asked if Jin Sakai English dependable histrion Daisuke Tsuji would beryllium reprising his relation successful the film, Stahelski said, “we’ll see,” and they “haven’t gotten that acold yet.” Only clip volition archer for now. 

For now, work astir the original announcement of a Ghost of Tsushima movie and past work astir however Tsuje truly wants successful connected the movie – he adjacent said helium wholly agrees to butt-nudity successful it. Read our thoughts connected the crippled successful Game Informer’s Ghost of Tsushima review aft that. 

[Source: IGN]

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