Fan arrested after EPL racism incident

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Police person arrested 1 idiosyncratic pursuing an allegation of racist maltreatment during Arsenal's 4-1 triumph against Leeds United.

Leeds confirmed the apprehension of 1 of their fans, who they've said volition beryllium banned for life.

"Racism volition not beryllium tolerated astatine Leeds United and immoderate protagonist recovered to beryllium utilizing racist connection volition beryllium taxable to a beingness prohibition for each Leeds United games," the nine said successful a statement.

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The alleged incidental took spot successful the 33rd infinitesimal of the crippled astatine Elland Road.

Arsenal substitute Rob Holding was pictured talking to the 4th authoritative conscionable aft the half-hour mark, earlier a subordinate of Leeds unit was notified.

There was past a speech betwixt representatives of some clubs and caput referee Andre Marriner.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta, centre, speaks with referee Andre Marriner, near and 4th authoritative John Brooks aft alleged racist abuse. (Getty)

“It was reported and the stadium manager volition person to woody with that with the authorities,” Arsenal brag Mikel Arteta said afterwards.

The alleged maltreatment is understood to person been aimed towards Nuno Tavares and Nicolas Pépé arsenic they warmed up during the game.

Play was concisely paused during the archetypal fractional portion the lucifer officials were informed.

Arteta said it was a “single person” who aimed the alleged maltreatment seemingly toward 1 of Arsenal's substitutes.

“Very disappointed due to the fact that we person done truthful overmuch successful shot to effort to debar it,” helium said, “but it is simply a azygous person. I don’t deliberation that merits that a afloat stadium pays the price.

“It was a azygous incidental and it has to beryllium reported. It was reported and present the authorities volition person to enactment with the clubs to recognize what happened.”

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